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Off into the deep!

From wrecks to riches, when you hunt for treasures in the dark deep in Bermuda, you need to take a long breath. But beware because Neptune’s ex-mermaid also lies in wait for a good catch — and it seems many a diver has disappeared from the seabed. Ahoy there!

Bermuda is a cooperative game in which all players dive together. You play against time. And if you are wondering why there is no hourglass in the game – it’s because you yourself are the timer!

This is how it works:
Once you have taken your unsorted Diving cards in your hands, one of you gives the signal for diving. On “3”, all takes a deep breath and simultaneously start to lay out cards. You may keep doing this as long as you – all of you, together – hold your breath. As soon as one of you takes a breath, he falls into the siren’s clutches. The round ends immediately.


Publisher: Huch & Friends, Gigamic, FoxMind
Year: 2015
Age Range: 10 +
Players: 3-6
2015 Spiel der Spiele Hit mit Freunden

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