Carlo Emanuele Lanzavecchia

Fantascatti Express

Tommy is a smart boy. He wants to become a detective, specialized in “peculiar” cases. Therefore, despite his young age, he bravely explores an old abandoned castle, armed only with his camera, looking for naughty ghosts.
It will not be easy because ghosts will try to confuse the young detective.

Will you help him?

Initially, players spread all ghost cards in the middle of the table facing up. Cards show different combinations of the 4 colored ghosts.

At the beginning of each round players roll all 4 colored dice.

Then, by simultaneously picking ghost cards, they try to collect a ghosts’ combination that exactly matches with the dice result. Fast reasoning and a sharp eye will turn out to be crucial, as taken cards can’t be put back on the table.

As soon as a player feels satisfied, he/she calls for the round’s end.

Then all players stop picking cards and see what they got. Players get minus points for each ghost over or less than the dice result.
At the end of the fifth round, the player with the least minus points wins the game.

2 optional rules are included. They help change the game mechanics.


Publisher: Giochi Uniti (2019)
Age Range: 7 +
Players: 2-6

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