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Magic Theater

Abracadabra! Are you ready to lift the curtain and discover the animal hidden behind the smoke?

This observation and deduction game is designed for children aged 3 and up.

The game includes a cardboard theater with its curtain, 20 illustrations to guess, 18 magnetic clouds of smoke, a magic wand and a dice.

The clouds of smoke hide an illustration that had previously been slipped into the room. By rolling the dice and using the magic wand, the players gradually remove the clouds, each in turn.

The illustration slowly reveals itself… The first one to guess the right animal wins the round!

Children learn to observe carefully, draw conclusions from visible clues, and respond quickly. Thus they develop their ability to observe and deduce, while having fun.

Game designed with Walter Obert

Publisher: Janod
Year: 2024
Age Range: 3 +
Players: 2-6

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