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Poulp Party

Dive into an underwater adventure with Poulp Party!

Head to an underwater world vibrant with life, where colorful fish swim around a mischievous octopus.

The mission cards guide the children on their adventure: each card indicates the fish to recover, transforming the game into an underwater treasure hunt.

Children will have to show skill and ingenuity to make the fish fall into the holes by making the octopus move using the string. But be careful! You must only collect the designated fish, otherwise the next player will benefit!

Children learn to plan their movements, anticipate the actions of other players and react quickly. This way they develop their skills and their ability to think, while having fun.

The game includes a box illustrating the seabed, 20 mission cards, 30 fish, an octopus with its card and a dice.


Game designed with Walter Obert

Publisher: Janod
Year: 2024
Age Range: 5 +
Players: 2-4

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