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Die verzauberten Rumpelriesen

In Die verzauberten Rumpelriesen, the magician players want to find imps hiding in the leaves that cover the forest floor around them – but they must search carefully to find these imps so that they don’t wake the sleeping giants guarding the land.

Oh, and they’ll need to search quickly, too, or else the giants will wake from the sleeping spell cast on them and run the searchers out of the forest.

Who can combine speed, control and a good memory to find the imps where they hide?

Die verzauberten Rumpelriesen includes rules for cooperative play, with the players using their wands together to search for the imps one by one as they’re revealed by the search cards.

If the players find more than eight imps without the giants awakening, they win.

 Game designed with Walter Obert

Publisher: Drei Magier
Year: 2013
Age Range: 5 +
Players: 2-4

2013 Graf Ludo Winner

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