Carlo Emanuele Lanzavecchia

Schwarmlichter | Undersea Explorer | Rapid’ Abysses | Scatti negli Abissi | Mision Subacuatica | Expeditie Diepzee


Quickly dive and catch

The dice are rolled and the rapid dive begins: the players simultaneously rummage through the cards of the abyss and look for the appropriate underwater swarm.

But the bright sea creatures don’t stand still! It is important to take a close look and not make a mistake, otherwise there will be negative points.

Whoever collects the fewest negative points in five dives wins.

Edition in 6 languages: German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch

Publisher: Haba
Year: 2023
Age Range: 7 +
Players: 2 -5 

2023 Lernspiel des Jahres Winner

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